About Me

423972_3308051582864_1315310283_3322248_1094668512_nMy name is Stephanie and I’m currently a junior studying journalism and international relations at Florida International University.Thanks to early experiences in the kitchen, desserts have become my hobby and my way to unwind after a stressful day.

Ever since I was little, my mom let my sister and me help her in the kitchen, teaching us her recipes and her secret tricks. The most exciting days were those when she would whip out the electric mixer, no pun intended, and make the fluffiest, sweetest, most perfect cakes. I began my tenure in the dessert world as the “special assistant,” passing ingredients and waiting anxiously to lick the bowl at the end. As I grew older, I got promoted to measuring and buttering the pans– now, at 20 years old,  I’m finally the official baker in my house. This blog is my way of having an outlet to share my love for everything sweet, starting with the best places to enjoy desserts in Miami. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and find something wonderful at the end of the sugar trail.

Contact me at : sugartrailblog@gmail.com