The Quest for the Perfect Marble Pound Cake

So if you ask my friends and family one thing I’m really annoying about and they’ll tell you: my obsession with Starbuck’s Marble Pound Cake.

As a kid I didn’t really like desserts with all the cream and the syrups, but one thing I always liked was pound cake, and to this day there is nothing more comforting than a big piece of plain old pound cake. (You don’t want to know how many times I’ve considered baking a whole cake and eating it with a fork–dark times.)

I know I’m probably biased, but mom makes the best vanilla pound cake in the world, and her marble cake is delicious too (she has always used milk chocolate powder for the chocolate part instead of cocoa powder.)┬áBut then I tried the marble pound cake from Starbucks. I know my ultimate guilty pleasure should be some fancy baked good from some French bakery, but those people at Starbucks just really know how to get you hooked.

Anyway, ever since then I’ve been trying different marble cake recipes in search for one that can compare. It needs to be moist but compact, and very chocolatey.

So today, in one of my horrible moments of procrastination, I came across a recipe that looked promising. I’m all about the visual, and this one looked delicious. I had to try it.

So I decided to bake, at 9 p.m. on a Sunday night. Told you I was obsessed.


Anyway, the recipe was amazing, very moist and chocolatey. The addition of the almond paste really gave it a surprising flavor. I highly recommend it, it’s definitely bookmarked for future use. Look how pretty.


But although it’s pretty much one of the best marble cakes I’ve ever tried, it’s still not what I’m looking for.

My quest will continue… I’ll keep you posted.